Opening for New Board Member

The AMRPE board has an opening for a new board member.  We encourage interested association members to apply.

The basic duties of a board member are to attend monthly meetings, participate in discussions of the association’s business and vote on motions that come before the board.  The board’s normal meeting schedule is the third Tuesday of the months September through May.  Special board meetings may occur from time to time.  In addition, board members are assigned to committees such as membership, communications, bylaws, legislation, nominations, and audit.  Committee work requires attendance at separate meetings, collecting information, making contacts and preparing reports, correspondence or articles.

The qualifications to be a board member include membership in the association, interest and knowledge in issues facing the association and willingness to work with others to accomplish association goals and objectives. Review bylaws, meeting minutes, and newsletters and learn more details about the mission and objectives of the association here on the website.

We encourage applications from state and local government retirees from any of the retirement systems administered by the Montana Public Employment Retirement Administration (MPERA).

To apply submit a letter of interest to John McEwen, chair of the nominating committee at 556 Sparta Street, Helena MT 59601.  You can also submit via email at  Applications will be accepted until August 16, 2013.

The letter of interest should include a brief overview of your public service and why you believe you would be a good board member. Feel free to emphasize any special skills you have that may benefit association activities.

The nominating committee will review applications, conduct interviews and make a recommendation to the board.  Our goal is to present a nominee at the October 15 board meeting.  Applicants will also be considered for other openings as they occur over the coming year.