AMRPE is an organization of retired Montana public employees who are concerned with retirement issues that affect the quality of life for all Montana public service retirees.

What We Do

  • Advocate with the Legislature and the Montana Public Employees Retirement Board
  • Employ a professional lobbyist to advocate for public retirees at the legislature
  • Attend legislative committee meetings and speak out for public retirees
  • Keep our membership informed about issues that affect our lives

Our membership includes retirees from eight retirement systems:

  • Public Employees’ Retirement System (PERS) – state, city, county, school employees (other than teachers)
  • Game Wardens’ and Peace Officers’ Retirement System (GWPORS)
  • Sheriffs’ Retirement System (SRS)
  • Judges’ Retirement System (JRS)
  • Highway Patrol Officers’ Retirement System (HPORS)
  • Municipal Police Officers’ Retirement System (MPORS)
  • Firefighters’ Unified Retirement System (FURS)
  • Volunteer Firefighters Compensation Act (VFCA)



We encourage all retired Montana Public Employees to join our association.

If you are already a member, please recruit a friend!

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