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AMRPE Organization

What We’ve Accomplished

1985 – 1995

Supported one-time pension increases.


Supported a constitutional amendment to keep retirement trust funds from being used for any other purpose.

1997 and 2001

Advocacy for the 1.5% Guaranteed Annual Benefit Adjustment (GABA) and the GABA increase to 3% respectively.


Proposed and obtained passage of HB 315, which provides an inflationary adjustment to the base amount of pension and annuity income that is exempt from state income taxes.


Filed a lawsuit and were granted a preliminary injunction that prevented the implementation of a reduction in the GABA for current retirees.


District Court issued a permanent injunction (preserving annual GABA increases of 3% for retirees) without appeal to the Supreme Court.


Succeeded in convincing MPERA to return to mailing change of benefit notices to retirees.
We encourage all retired Montana Public Employees to join our association.

If you are already a member, please recruit a friend!