Meeting Minutes & Treasurer’s Reports for the Association of Montana Retired Public Employees AMRPE

Meeting Minutes & Financial

If you would like to join us for a meeting, teleconferencing is available.  Call 406-442-4934 and ask when and how to listen to the next board meeting.

January Minutes 2018

January Treasurer’s Report 2018

December Minutes 2017

December Treasurer’s Year End Report 2017

November Minutes 2017

November Treasurer’s Report 2017

October Minutes 2017

October Treasurer’s Report 2017

September Minutes 2017

September Treasurer’s Report 2017

May Minutes 2017

May Treasurer’s Report 2017

April Minutes 2017

April Treasurer’s Report 2017

March Minutes 2017

March Treasurer’s Report 2017

February Minutes 2017

February Treasurer’s Report 2017

Year-End Treasurer’s Report 2016






















Join Us

The next meeting is on March 20, 2018 at 9:30 AM  100- PERA Office, 2nd Floor Conference Room. All are welcome to attend.


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